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Author Guidelines


This is the old site that is not used by the Editorial Board now.

Please use for submissions the new site

General Submission Information

This journal accepts and publishes manuscripts submitted in Russian or English. All papers are subject to refereeing. Authors should make a careful survey of the literature to ensure that papers do not duplicate previous work and that relevant existing knowledge has been taken into account. By submitting a paper for publication in PEPAN Letters the authors imply that the material has not been published previously nor has been submitted for publication elsewhere.

NB: Submission guidelines in Russian can be found here.


Submission to this journal proceeds totally online and you will be guided stepwise through the creation and uploading of your files.

Paper Preparation

  1. A manuscript should contain the text in the LaTeX or Word formats and files of figures. All pages should be numbered, and the manuscript must include all necessary elements of the paper.
  2. The first page of the manuscript should include the title of the paper, the initials, surnames, and affiliations (including country, city, zip code, and address for correspondence) of all the authors followed by the short abstract. At least one of the authors should provide an e-mail address for correspondence. PACS indexes must be indicated (see after the abstract.
  3. In formulas, all roman letters denoting physical quantities should be italicized EVm, etc.). Vectors must be in bold type without arrows over the letters. Similarity numbers (Ar, Re, etc.), functions (sin, arcsin, sinh, etc.), conventional mathematical abbreviations (max, min, opt, const, idem, lim, log, ln, det, exp), chemical elements (Cl, Fe), etc., should be in roman type. With the exception of abbreviations including those of surnames, which must be in roman type, letters in sub- and superscripts should be in lowercase italics.
  4. Figures must be clearly readable and of good quality. It is desirable to submit each figure in the form of an individual file in the Encapsulated PostScript format (*.eps) or in the Portable Document Format (*.pdf). Raster artwork should be at least 300 dpi at 100% (Full print size). If a color figure is submitted, please, make sure to upload in addition a usable black and white version required to correctly reproduce the artwork in print.
  5. Cited references must be given in a general list at the end of a manuscript and should be numbered by the consecutive numerals as they are mentioned in the main text. The list of references must have the heading REFERENCES. All references should include a full list of authors with the only exception being collaboration papers. It is not permissible to cite unpublished works. Examples of references are as follows.
    1. Collins J. Foundations of Perturbative QCD. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.
    2. Anselmino M., Boglione M., D.Alesio U., Kotzinian A., Murgia F., Prokudin A., Melis S., Update on Transversity and Collins Functions from SIDIS and $e^+-e^-$ Data // Proceedings of the Ringberg Workshop on New Trends in HERA Physics 2008. Ringberg Castle, Germany, 2008. Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.. 2009. V. 191. P. 98,107.
    3. Cherednikov I.O., Mertens T. and Van der Veken F. F., Cusped Light-Like Wilson Loops in Gauge Theories // Phys. Part. Nucl. 2013. V. 44. P. 250
    4. Chatrchyan S. et al. [CMS Collaboration]. Observation and Studies of Jet Quenching in PbPb Collisions at Nucleon-Nucleon Center-of-Mass Energy = 2.76 TeV // Phys. Rev. C. 2011. V.В 84. P. 024906
    5. Martinez G. Advances in Quark Gluon Plasma, arXiv:1304.1452 [nucl-ex].

On-line Submission Instructions

If it is your first submission to PEPAN Letters you should register as an Author at

  1. Select the Register choice at the top of the webpage.

  2. Complete the information in the profile form.

  3. Select under Register as the choice of Author. Once the manuscript is ready to submit, you can log in at

  4. Once you have registered and logged in, you will see a new screen. Click on the Author choice. You will be taken to a new screen with click here to start the submission process. Click on that choice.

  5. A new screen will pop up with information and a submission checklist. You must select the appropriate section for your submission and check each of the items on the checklist. There is information that you can click on for some of the items (i.e. author's guidelines).

  6. At the bottom of the page is save and continue. Click on that button when you are done.

  7. You then upload the manuscript (PDF is preferred) where it says upload submission file by choosing browse and finding your file to upload. Notice that the file is given an anonymous number to protect the author from being identified.

  8. The next screen (called metadata) is where you add additional authors, add the title & abstract, and place the keywords (called subject classification). Standard LaTeX macros can be used in the title & abstract. Other information (i.e. discipline, funding source) can be added in appropriate boxes. When you have entered the pertinent information, click save and continue.

  9. It is possible to upload supplementary files in addition to the main manuscript. Examples of possible supplementary files include the manuscript source (multiple files should be packed in one archive and compressed)copyright transfer agreement, copies of original tables or figures in case of editing changes due to formatting requirements are necessary. When you have uploaded the pertinent files and entered the pertinent information, click save and continue.

  10. If there are any flaws in the submission process, you can click cancel and start the process again.

  11. The final step is to see the manuscript submitted. Click finish submission and you are done. Once you have clicked finish submission, the process is done and you will be sent an e-mail confirming your submission.

  12. After you have submitted the manuscript, you can check on the status and where it is at in the review process by logging in as the author.

If you are already registered but not able to submit a manuscript, please, add an Author role by editing your profile settings. 


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. We are moving to the updated version of Open Journal Systems

    and do not accept new submissions via this old site!

    Papers submitted to PEPAN Letters before 12.04.2022 will be processed on the old site. 

    Please, try your old credentials to enter the new site. In case of problems, try to reset your password or re-register. 

    We apologize for inconvenience.


Copyright Notice

In accordance with international and Russian copyright (intellectual property rights) legislation, scientific works (science articles) are protected by copyright law. Scientific works are the result of intellectual activity, that is, an object protected by copyright. The person by means of whose labor the scientific work was created as a result of the intellectual activity is recognized as the author (coauthor).

Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. (PPL) publisher of PEPAN Letters in English, hereby inform you that the use of results of intellectual activity – translation, publishing, and distribution of an article in journals in English – is carried out by the above-mentioned publishing companies solely on the basis of an agreement on the transfer of copyright. It is mandatory to fill out, sign, and send the said agreement to the editorial board of PEPAN Letters.

In order to simplify the procedure of interaction between an author (coauthors) and the publisher we kindly ask you to send agreements on transfer of copyright simultaneously with the manuscript of the article to the editorial board.

This agreement is a contract of adhesion.

We draw your attention to the fact that the agreement enters into force under the condition of acceptance of an article for publication in English. If for any reason your article is refused by the editorial board of the journal, the agreement automatically loses force. The decision on acceptance of an article for publication is the exclusive right of the editorial board. The signing of the agreement by an author (coauthors) means that the author (coauthors) has acquainted himself (themselves) and agrees (agree) with the conditions of the agreement.


The completed and signed agreements can be scanned and uploaded (in a form of PDF files) as Supplementary Files of the submission. To ensure fast publication please upload the agreement as soon as possible.

A copyright transfer agreement form can be downloaded at our site:

 Model Author's Agreement Form (New!)



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